Wiper Facts

3 Facts about your
Current Windshield Wipers


Let's agree on three facts about your current conventional  windshield wipers!

  1. The windshield wiper on your current vehicle is a moving squeegee.
  2. Your windshield encounters a variety of items that a moving squeegee cannot remove, that degrade windshield visibility and so reduce driving safety.
  3. Any dust or grit that falls in on top of the parked windshield wiper blade, can create micro-scratches in the windshield during wiper operation.

No doubt you discovered early in your driving experience that trying to clean insects off your windshield with your windshield wiper was the worst possible course of action, it actually decreased visibility by smearing insect remains from one end of your windshield to the other. The problem has persisted so long it has become generational. One generation of drivers teaches the next generation of drivers not to try and clean insects off the windshield with a windshield wiper to avoid the guaranteed smeared results.

Winter presents its own unique set of challenges, when wiper blades freeze and leaves a large portions of the windshield obscured. It is impossible for conventional wiper blade to clear itself after freezing, it may be cleared by hand or by striking it on the windshield. It's possible to use heated windshield wiper blades, the problem there is cost and convenience. The average heated wiper blade set cost between $150 and $200. To install heated blades, you will need to install controls through the firewall or an automatic controller that operates the heat continually below a preset temperature, whether the wiper needs heat or not. Heated blades wear out like all wiper blades and should be replaced every six months. To protect your heated blade investment, you would need to replace them with conventional wiper blades at an additional cost during the summer, of course then you'll be dealing with insect smears.

Dust and grit landing on top of the parked windshield wiper blade will be forced into the windshield by the flexible wiper blade. This action will scratch the windshield during normal windshield wash operations. This is where those annoying micro-scratches originate, they become visible when a bright light, like the sun at a low angle strikes the windshield, usually resulting in a severe glare. Several polymer products are available to fill the micro-scratches by continually re-applying the polymer, it is possible reduce the glare. As long you keep buying and applying the polymer product. 

The PowerWiper overcomes all of these limitations. It is the first true all-season windshield cleaning system available. The motorized, multi-directional, computer controlled, windshield wiper will polish the windshield as it operates. It easily removes all insects from the windshield, ice and snow from the wiping mechanisms, in addition it will remove micro-scratches from your windshield as it polishes. Need proof, we understand.

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