About the PowerWiper System

PowerWiper vs Heated Blades

Videos on the internet show heated windshield wiper blades melting snow around the heated blade while the vehicle is parked in clear weather. How much heat do you think transfers to the wiping blade support structure, pivots or wiper arm at 40MPH in a -10F blizzard? The problem with heated blades is just that, they rely on heat to work. The refills are expensive and what about summer, change the blades or let UV rays from the sun destroy them?

The PowerWiper uses motion to remove ice and snow from the wiping blade, support structure and wiper arm. It comes certified to operate down to -30F. No warm up period or constantly on like some heated blades. Just set the automatic control up with the Pulse Controller and let the PowerWiper do the work. In summer, the PowerWiper will remove insects without smearing. The PowerWiper is a true all-season windshield wiper. Watch below as the PowerWiper removes snow from a snowplow windshield after the windshield defroster fails.


More than just a Windshield Wiper!

The PowerWiper is an all-season, motorized, computer-controlled windshield wiper system that is a simple and direct replacement for your windshield wiper.

In normal operation, it's a premium windshield wiper and operates just like your regular windshield wiper.

The PowerWiper is activated automatically by the Pulse Controller or on demand by the driver. When in operation, the entire Power Wiper blade moves back and forth 40+ times per second.

This action flexes the wiping blade and components removing all ice and snow from the blade, mechanism and windshield edge ensuring a uniform and complete wiping action. The PowerWiper is certified to -30F.

In addition, the PowerWiper removes anti-freeze road compounds such as road salt and magnesium chloride and also works on coastal salt fog

Activate the PowerWiper at any time, any speed from the comfort of your vehicle. You'll get a crystal clear windshield that will reduce eyestrain and make your travel safer.



Super Fast & Easy Install On Any Wipers

You don't have to be an auto technician to install the PowerWiper system, it's quick and stress-free! Simply follow a simple step by step guide, included with every PowerWiper, and you'll be finished in no time! For more help, visit our Pulse Controller Installation page.

Our Story - The PowerWiper's History

Our founder is an expert in commercial road safety. For years, he's recognized that many accidents are caused by completely avoidable circumstances, like impaired visibility due to a dirty windshield. Deciding to do something about this, he invented the PowerWiper - a wiper system capable of blasting even the toughest ice and frost off of the wiper blade and components, no matter the conditions.

Using the PowerWiper not only makes your own travel safer, but keeps others on the road safe as well!  A clean windshield is a safe windshield, and PowerWiper will get you to your destination no problem.

Who would benefit from the PowerWiper?

Can you trust what you see? Can you see the entire road through your dirty windshield? Even after cleaning with standard wipers, your windshield will be smeared with insects in the summer and littered with clumps of ice and snow in the winter.

The PowerWiper enhances the safety of any vehicle, but it is a must for owners of fleets, owner/operators, long-haul drivers, company drivers. Their windshields are often subjected to conditions well beyond the norm, in addition to often being neglected because of the challenge of simply reaching the windshield. The PowerWiper also eliminates the fall risk common to these drivers who are cleaning their windshields.

The PowerWiper also benefits those drivers of SUVs, high-lift and off-road vehicles. How many times has your off road journey ended up with a windshield like the one in the video above?


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