Custom & Specialty Applications

Who could benefit from the PowerWiper?

Can you trust what you see? Can you see the entire road through your dirty windshield? Driver visibility from the cab of a commercial vehicle continues to be a factor in many accidents. Even after cleaning with standard wipers, your windshield will be smeared with insects in the summer and littered with clumps of ice and snow in the winter. 

The PowerWiper enhances the safety of any vehicle, but it is a must for owners of fleets, owner/operators, long-haul drivers, company drivers. Their windshields are often subjected to conditions well beyond the norm, in addition to often being neglected because of the challenge of simply reaching the windshield.

Various applications for the PowerWiper:
• Tractors and farm equipment
• Airport runway snow removal heavy equipment and machinery
• Ski resort snow removal heavy equipment and snowcats
• Military applications to keep vehicles windshields clean
• Off road and racing vehicles

If you are interested in using the PowerWiper for a custom application, contact us at or call 801.264.6613!


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