PowerWiper Videos

PowerWiper In Action

Not convinced of the awesome ability of the patented PowerWiper technology? Take a look at it in action by watching some of our video’s on our Youtube Channel. Whether it’s the removal of frost at near freezing temperatures, or polishing your windshield from a bug splattering road trip; the PowerWiper gets the job done.

PowerWiper - Operation and Advantages

Never again worry about a snow and ice covered windshield with the PowerWiper! Our patented powerful action plows through even the worst of ice and snow without using heat. Take control of the road ahead!

PowerWiper - Polish Effect

What better way to demonstrate the awesome power of our polishing blades than with a real-life side-by-side road test? We’re all familiar with the infamous “windshield fog” caused on icy, foggy mornings. It’s inconvenient at best and enormously dangerous at worst.

The PowerWiper keeps your windshield crystal-clear in even the harshest of weather conditions, blasting away debris and cloudiness to keep you and other drivers safe on the road! Get the PowerWiper and drive with confidence!

Now, would you trust your life with what you see using standard wipers?

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