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PowerWiper vs Frozen Windshield!

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Idaho DOT Testimonial

Doug - Snowplow Operator in Sawtooth Mountain Range

Snow Plow Operator Testimonial

Colt with Summit County, Utah - 17 Years experience

Freightliner Fleet Testimonial

Leroy Mackey, Double D Distribution Shop Manager

PowerWiper Testimonials

"With the PowerWiper, my drivers feel much more safe when going down the road and hitting a snow storm. Now all the Freightliners in our fleet have PowerWipers - we won't run anything else."

Skyler Droubay, Equipment Manager for Double D Distribution

1. Heavy Snow Removal

Watch the PowerWiper break up heavy snow

2. Removes Snow & Ice

Keeps your wiper from freezing over

3. Bug Removal

Leaves No Streaking or Smearing

4. Polishes Glass

Improves the condition of your windshield

Why Choose the PowerWiper?

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PowerWiper Pulse Controller

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Simple Installation

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PowerWiper News

The PowerWiper is now available for purchase and installation at Utility Trailer Sales of Boise/Idaho Falls/Spokane!

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