New Dealers Welcome!

When you operate a business, the company you purchase products from is extremely important. Partnering with PowerWiper, you will be able to sell the best all-season windshield wiper system you can rely on and trust.

Are you looking to start or expand your business?  We have what you need to “get started” or to meet the needs of your expanding retail business.

Minimum Orders

To qualify for wholesale pricing, we require new dealers purchase a minimum of 10 PowerWiper sets up front. On all following orders, purchases will be Net30.

Staff Training

Making sure your staff is trained on the benefits of the PowerWiper is a big part of our combined success. Your sales manager can be counted on to deliver training when he/she visits. If you’d like group training, we can arrange a visit after hours, or we can train staff members in small groups (or even one-by-one) to accommodate your needs.

Contact us anytime at or call 801.264.6613.

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