Kenworth & PowerWiper Affiliate

Kenworth of Utah Now Offers PowerWiper at Select Locations!

You know Kenworth will take care of your semi repairs, but did you know they can also take care of your windshield wipers? Kenworth's technicians will diagnose your wiper system and provide you with the necessary wiper service to keep you safe on the road.
As a certified Kenworth PremierCare ® service provider, Kenworth Sales Company keeps you on the road with semi truck service locations throughout its dealership network. Our technicians get you in and out, with the quality you deserve, so you can get back on the road.

PowerWiper Benefits Include...

    Scrubs away dangerous road debris from your windshield
    Powers through ice and slush and prevents buildup
    Polishes away existing micro-scratches and scuffs
    Blasts away insect parts and splatters without smearing


    A smear on the windshield, a layer of foggy ice - these things can make the difference between seeing a hazard in time to avoid it or not. But now, thanks to the PowerWiper's resilient reciprocating blades, you can drive with the confidence a clear windshield provides!

    Using a powerful, durable motor in a weatherproof housing, the PowerWiper's blades move back and forth hundreds of times per minute. This proprietary system blasts away dangerous debris, clearing your line of sight far better than standard old wiper blades can. When road safety increases, so do all sorts of other metrics!

    Not only does the PowerWiper clean your windshield, it actively polishes away scrapes, scuffs, and damage caused by dirt, dust, and road debris! The revolutionary reciprocating action literally polishes the glass, leading to safer roads and a longer lifespan on your glass.

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