Tired of your Freightliner's Windshield & Wipers Freezing Over?

You need the PowerWiper - the worlds first motorized, multi-directional, computer-controlled windshield cleaning system designed for Freightliner Trucks.

More than just a Windshield Wiper!

The PowerWiper is an all-season, motorized, computer-controlled windshield wiper system that replaces your windshield wiper. In normal operation, it's a premium windshield wiper and operates just like your regular windshield wiper.

The PowerWiper is activated when the windshield washer is turned on by the driver,

In winter, the PowerWiper removes ice and snow from the wiping mechanism ensuring a clean windshield regardless of conditions. In addition, the PowerWiper removes anti-freeze road compounds such as road salt and magnesium chloride. It also works on salt fog if you live on the coast.

In summer, the PowerWiper scours the windshield clean of insects, mud, and other obstructions while polishing out those annoying micro-scratches from the windshield.

Activate the PowerWiper at any time and any speed from the comfort of your Freightliner, and you'll get a crystal clear windshield that will reduce eyestrain and make your travel safer.



Easy Install On Any Freightliner

You don't have to be an auto technician to install the PowerWiper system, it's quick and stress-free! Simply follow a simple step by step guide, included with every PowerWiper, and you'll be finished in no time! For more help, visit our Installation page.

Who would benefit from the PowerWiper?

Can you trust what you see? Can you see the entire road through your dirty windshield? Even after cleaning with standard wipers, your windshield will be smeared with insects in the summer and littered with clumps of ice and snow in the winter.

The PowerWiper enhances the safety of any vehicle, but it is a must for owners of fleets, owner/operators, long-haul drivers, and company drivers. Their windshields are often subjected to conditions well beyond the norm, in addition to often being neglected because of the challenge of simply reaching the windshield.

The PowerWiper also eliminates the fall risk common to these drivers who are cleaning their windshields.

A Freightliner Fleet Testimonial


Double D Distribution 
I had heard of the PowerWiper wiper blade and even installed a couple on my trucks but never heard much from our drivers. Then in February of 2017, I was driving a load of crude oil through Wyoming and was caught in a typical Wyoming white out storm, which is nothing new, except that I was in a new aerodynamic Freightliner which I had never driven in the winter before. As soon as the snow was flying, my windshield wiper immediately began to pack with ice and after about 10 minutes my wiper was not working at all. So I was then reaching out of the window to grab the wiper and “flick” it so that I could break off the ice and see again. Of course this is horribly unsafe but so is being unable to see on a small 2-lane road with nowhere to pull over. After many slow hours I delivered my load that night and the next day immediately called PowerWiper to get a PowerWiper installed on that truck. We installed it and on my next load with a snow storm, the wiper broke off all the ice and snow in seconds. I also noticed when I jumped in the truck after having been out of it for a few hours and found the windshield frozen solid with ice, the PowerWiper wiper broke it off. I have come to learn that the way in which the new aerodynamic trucks channel air over the windshield has this side effect of throwing snow and ice right onto the windshield and making it near impossible for a normal wiper blade to properly clear the windshield. With the PowerWiper wiper, my drivers feel much more safe when going down the road and hitting a snow storm. Now all the Freightliners in our fleet have PowerWipers - we won't run anything else.

Double D Distribution
Equipment Manager
Office: 801-364-6565 ext. 3
Mobile: 801-369-4415

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