Windshield Washers have come a long way... and now even further!

Henry Ford, notoriously stubborn about adding any new "gadgets" to cars, saw the light after a Trico salesman installed a manual wiper on Ford's own car. Eventually windshield washers became commonplace, requiring spray nozzles in front of the windshield and a reservoir for washer fluid located under the hood. Typically they were operated by an electrical pump. In the late 1950s another novelty was introduced whereby a driver could push the washer button and activate the wipers for a few swipes across the windshield.

Fast forward 60+ years and we have the latest in windshield cleaning ingenuity... the PowerWiper. The PowerWiper follows the wiper arc across the windshield exactly as your conventional wiper does. When you turn on the windshield wash cycle, the PowerWiper still moves over the same wiper arc. However, the wiper blade plus the scrubbing element now move in a 1/2 inch back-and-for reciprocation over 42 times per second, scouring insects and foreign matter from your windshield.

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