Visit PowerWiper at the 2019 Utah Department of Transportation Annual Conference

The Utah Department of Transportation Annual Conference 2019 is November 5 – 7, 2019 at the Mountain America Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah. Visit our booth to learn more about how the PowerWiper can help Utah snow plow drivers/operators work safer and more efficiently.

The PowerWiper team will be in attendance at the conference to highlight recent innovations with its innovative aftermarket accessory the PowerWiper. The PowerWiper is an all-season, motorized, computer-controlled windshield wiper system that replaces your vehicle's regular windshield wiper. In normal operation, it's a premium windshield wiper and operates just like your regular wiper. The PowerWiper is activated when the windshield washer is turned on by the vehicle's driver and scrubs the windshield clean of insects, mud, and other obstructions while polishing away those annoying micro-scratches from the windshield. In winter, the PowerWiper removes ice and snow from the windshield wiper system without the use of heat ensuring a clean windshield regardless of conditions. The reciprocating action of the PowerWiper and vibration keeps snow and ice from accumulation. Activate the PowerWiper at any time and at any speed from the comfort of your vehicle. You'll get a crystal clear windshield that will reduce eyestrain and make your travel safer.

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