2017’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Trucks

1. 2017 Honda Ridgeline (starting at $29,475)

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. The Honda Ridgeline of years past hasn’t been the most impressive of vehicles. It struck me personally as an anemic lunchbox trying to hard to dazzle potential buyers with features- rather than providing a solid, capable truck.

Honda’s 2017 iteration of the truck, however, seems to be much more. It’s still got the lockable under-bed storage we’ve all grown to love. They’ve boosted the power, the aggressive styling, and best of all, you’ve got the outstanding mileage offered by Honda’s legendary 3.5l V6 mated to a six-speed automatic. This means you can pull more, go faster, and do it confidently (that engine will hit mileage that makes my aunt’s ancient Volvo 240 look young).

2. 2017 Dodge RAM 1500 SRT Hellcat (starting at $55,000)

It’s a RAM. That’s all I should have to say to make you trust that it’s a hell of a truck. THAT SAID, however, this year’s SRT Hellcat model ramps up the insanity to all new levels. First off, it’s packing 707 BASE horsepower in an already beefy trunk. It won’t let you forget it’s a Hellcat, either. With electronically ported exhaust, all new styling, and option-exclusive wheels, you’ll be turning heads everywhere this thing drives- not to mention shaking windows as you do.

3. 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 Diesel (starting at $28,000)

Usually it’d be easy to dismiss Chevrolet’s yearly Silverado offerings as “just another lackluster truck,” but the 2017 diesel model stands out in a few ways that we’ve found surprising from Chevy. It’s got a new safety package that mean those fancy new front bumpers aren’t just for show- they increase crash safety by a wide margin. The interior in particular oozes FAR more swank than we’ve come to expect, and paired with a brand-new climate system it promises to be one of the most comfortable full-size trucks on the market to date.

4. 2017 Tesla Pickup Truck (starting at $40,000)

We have been waiting a LONG time with bated breath hoping, praying, and speculating whether Elon Musk would actually follow through with his promise of a truck followup to their wildly successful line of electric vehicles. It seems our wait has paid off, and Tesla is pursuing their famous “function over form” approach here. Specs are limited, but given the fact that the manufacturer has made a 4900lbs SEDAN the FASTEST PRODUCTION CAR IN THE WORLD (The Model S P100D, 0-60 in 2.5 seconds), we’re MORE than happy to keep waiting.

We can’t wait to see what that mad genius and his cadre of engineers presents.

5. 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro (starting at $41,700)

I’ll admit it, I’m a shameless Tacoma fan. What’s not to love about the legendary Hilux platform, especially when Toyota’s not-completely-sane TRD department gets ahold of it?

You can expect this year’s model to yet again improve their off-road performance, comfort, power, and style. Even better, it comes with that mythical Toyota reliability that’s made them one of the longest-lasting car manufacturers on the planet. And because it’s a SMALLER full size truck, it feels decidedly light on it’s feet- even to the point of calling it nimble. Can’t go wrong here.

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