PowerWiper Debuts Latest Innovations at 2019 American Public Works Assocation Snow Conference

SALT LAKE CITY, UT April 22, 2019

The APWA Snow Conference brings together more than 2,000 snowfighters from every corner of the winter maintenance community across North America. Public, private, rural, metropolitan, domestic and international professionals attend the conference to enjoy quality education sessions, an exhibit hall packed with the newest equipment, technologies and products, technical tours and opportunities to exchange ideas with manufacturers, distributors, consultants and other public works professionals.

The 2019 APWA Snow Conference will be held this year at the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City from May 19-22, 2019.

The PowerWiper team will be in attendance at the 2019 Snow Conference to highlight recent innovations with its innovative aftermarket accessory the PowerWiper. The PowerWiper is an all-season, motorized, computer-controlled windshield wiper system that replaces your vehicle's regular windshield wiper. In normal operation, it's a premium windshield wiper and operates just like your regular wiper. The PowerWiper is activated when the windshield washer is turned on by the vehicle's driver and scrubs the windshield clean of insects, mud, and other obstructions while polishing away those annoying micro-scratches from the windshield. In winter, the PowerWiper removes ice and snow from the windshield wiper system without the use of heat ensuring a clean windshield regardless of conditions. The reciprocating action of the PowerWiper and vibration keeps snow and ice from accumulation. Activate the PowerWiper at any time and at any speed from the comfort of your vehicle. You'll get a crystal clear windshield that will reduce eyestrain and make your travel safer.

The PowerWiper has also been entered into the New Product Showcase at the 2019 Snow Conference.

The PowerWiper team will be taking meetings while at the APWA show to discuss product and distribution. Parties interested in meeting are welcome to contact us or to visit our Booth #614.

“We know how important visibility is to drivers and especially snow plow operators in tough winter conditions,” said James Nelson, Director for PowerWiper “We met with local public works and did ride-a-longs to learn their daily challenges and develop solutions that their snow plow operators could rely in extreme winter conditions.

The PowerWiper founder and Director James Nelson is an expert in commercial road safety. For years, he's recognized that many accidents are caused by completely avoidable circumstances, like impaired visibility due to a dirty windshield. Deciding to do something about this, he invented the PowerWiper - a wiper system capable of blasting even the toughest ice and frost off of the wiper blade and components without heat, no matter the conditions.

VP of Sales Harry Nelson stated, "Using the PowerWiper not only improves safey for your snow plow operators, but for everyone on the road. The PowerWiper improves windshield visibility and allows for snow plow operators to focus on the road ahead."

Learn more at PowerWiper.com today!

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Joe Averett
VP of Marketing

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