Not all windshield washer fluids and wipers are created equally!

Did you know not all windshield washer fluids and wipers are created equally? For example, some washer fluids are ineffective in freezing temperatures. Frozen washer fluid can cause a complete blockage of the system and greatly impair visibility.

As anyone who has driven on snowy and/or salty roads can attest, such substances can quickly gather on windshields, where they crust up and impede visibility. A windshield cleaning system that is not working effectively is a recipe for an accident.

Always read the product label before purchasing washer fluid. Summer blends are only effective when temperatures remain above 32 F. When the temperature dips below freezing, these fluids can freeze up. Winter formulas should contain an antifreeze solution that will lower the freezing point of the liquid. Many such fluids employ methanol to not only prevent freezing but also to melt frost and light accumulations of ice.

Drivers also may be able to supplement their washer fluids with common items to increase durability during extreme cold snaps. Mix 99 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol into the washer fluid to prevent it from freezing. Otherwise, the washer fluid brand may have specific instructions for mixing for use in areas where the temperature regularly dips below freezing.

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