Dodge’s Legacy of Weird Paint Colors Continues

We’re no strangers to classic cars. It’s rare that we’re found far from a garage, not covered in grease and scuffs. Let me tell you though, it’s a good feeling. In the course of our decades of combined experience with classics, we’ve come across some weird colors. I figure that since it’s the first impression a car often makes - it’s gotta be a loud one.

Dodge has always been partial to naming their paints odd, eye-catching names, from “Vitamin C,” to “Panther Pink,” and even “Plum Crazy.” It’s only fitting when the colors are just as noisy to match, and it’s even rumored some rejected paint names are as crazy as “Fisher Body Rust” (ouch!), “Statutory Grape,” and “Frank Lloyd White.” Seriously.

In this grand tradition, then, it seems the legendary manufacturer of muscle presents their latest 2017 Mopar Challenger in a special 160-edition run, coming in, and you’re gonna LOVE this, “Contusion Blue.” Seriously. This newest, beefiest, best Challenger comes in the color of a bruise (only GORGEOUS), and packs a 485-bhp 6.4-liter Hemi V8, which isn’t as much as a surprise as the color.

Keep it up, Dodge. We love you.

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